We spark

Brandfire is a different kind of agency

We are a collection of people with diverse perspectives singularly focused on reaching consumers at every point along the path to purchase.


Our 4 core areas of expertise:



Whether we’re building you a new brand or refining an existing one, we start with an insight-driven plan.



Then we bring that plan to life with a stirring message that is meaningful and relevant for your audience.



In addition, we deliver compelling ideas that will engage your audience where they live every day.



Finally, we convert intention into action. Because at the end of the day, your sales are our measure of success.


Some fires we’ve lit

What we believe


We're medium.
By design.

We’ve grown big enough to take on large-scale projects while keeping things small enough to give each client our personal attention.

Many points of view.
One shared vision.

Each of us brings diverse skillsets. So we come to the table with a wider range of solutions, all aimed at achieving one, common goal.

Creativity that works.

We believe creativity should serve the brand. It is the last, legal, unfair advantage we can use to get people to notice a message, identify with a brand and engage with it.

Independent. Canadian.

For us, it's about long term relationships, not short term stock price.

Think first. Then act.

We believe in building on a solid, strategic foundation. That's why we start every project by digging deep for powerful consumer insights to inform our work.

We give a damn.

We're passionate about our work. So we work our tails off for our clients. Because we're driven by results.


If you want to know our company values, meet our people

Some of Canada’s most trusted brands trust us.


Let's spark something great together