The Ontario SPCA, No Hot Pets



Every summer, pet owners in Ontario continue to unknowingly make their pets suffer by leaving them in their cars while being out and about in their daily lives. The Ontario SPCA have continually tried to raise awareness of the potentially life-threatening danger owners expose their pets to by trapping them in a hot car. But, it had only ever been marginally successful.


As we researched and interviewed typical pet owners and related our own experiences as pet owners ourselves, a real insight bubbled up to the surface. In most cases, pet owners never mean any harm to their pets (many of whom consider their pets as extended family members), they simply don't know the real impact of leaving their pets in the car, even for a very short period of time. They felt that things like leaving the windows down, or that they were only going to be away from the car for a short period of time wouldn’t have any impact on their pets.


We flipped the focus. While previous campaign efforts had tried to put the focus of the impact of pets left in cars, we turned the spotlight directly on what pet owners had been telling themselves that it was ok to leave their pets in the car, and with a unique art direction, showed pet owners what was wrong with that thinking…and reinforced that there are ‘No Excuses’.