Brandfire turns 10!

What a wild ride!

I actually really think this is just the beginning!

Ten years ago seems like just yesterday and yet it seems like forever ago. I can remember dreaming of being a mid-sized agency -- full of fun people who love spending time together and working with clients who collaborate with us and love what we create and accomplish together. It was a dream to be the right size.  Not too big.  Not too little.  Just right.  Ten years later here we are: more than 35 people, more bench-strength than I ever imagined, a wider range of services than I ever thought possible, bigger and better clients and the best client relationships I could ever want.  And the work...blows me away every day. But it's the team, the people, their energy and their passion that fuels everything. After all, an agency is just a collection of people. People that impress me every day. People that I am incredibly proud of. People that make coming to work simply fun!

I couldn't be prouder.

There's no text book on how to do this. There's no course called “Grow your business every year for 10 years”. Just hold on, dream, steer, and believe. Believe in people.  Believe in the energy and the spark that comes when like-minded passionate and dedicated people come together. Believe in their friendship, and believe in what they can contribute and what you can learn from them.

Can't wait to see where this team goes next!

Rob Levy, President & Founder