Canada Dry, Lemon Lime Club Soda



Although Canada Dry is famous for their Ginger Ale, they also have a strong following of Club Soda lovers. In an effort to focus on a health minded consumer and expand the Club Soda franchise, they launched their new Lemon-Lime flavour innovation in 2015. But in a crowded carbonated beverage category, Canada Dry needed a simple yet powerful message to draw immediate attention to the new product and announce the arrival of a great new flavour profile to a tried and true Canada Dry product.


Given the nature of the Lemon-Lime innovation, and the ideal health conscious consumer who would consider the product, we had some very apparent assets to leverage.  We looked at what made this new product truly different, and developed an integrated campaign that was visually compelling and invited consumers to take notice of a new refreshing taste in a carbonated beverage that fit their lifestyles.





We created a simple but powerful campaign idea, using visually-arresting imagery that could work across multiple media, to capture attention and link the new flavour to an iconic and trusted brand. “Look Who’s In The Club” became a clean and minimalistic campaign that reflected the benefits of the product itself and had both consumers and retailers wanting to become a part of “The Club” themselves. 

We looked at how our consumer both shopped the category, and were influenced before coming into the store and built a fully integrated campaign which included digital media, social content, traditional advertising and shopper marketing elements in-store.