Our Work

Canada Dry •  Look Who's in the Club

We helped launch Canada Dry's newest flavour innovation, Lemon-Lime Club Soda. Our fully-integrated campaign spanned all channels from online to in-store and moved the new product off store shelves.

Butterball • The Summer of Turkey  

We sparked people to think of turkey as something more than just a traditional Thanksgiving or holiday meal. By introducing a more fresh & youthful perspective on turkey, we introduced Butterball to an entirely new audience and helped make 2016, The Summer of Turkey.

Mattel • Virtual Toy Store

We brought a toy store to Toronto Pearson International Airport. For the holiday season we teamed up with toy retailer Wal-Mart and Mattel to create the first-ever interactive, virtual toy store featuring the hottest toys of 2014.

 Burt's Bees • Shades

To help Burt’s Bees launch 14 exciting new shades of lipstick, we staged an unexpected art exhibit featuring work that was made of newly introduced shades of lipstick.

YMCA • "That's my Y" 

We helped the YMCA stand out and strengthen its place within local communities, in a highly competitive fitness marketplace.

The Ontario SPCA • No Hot Pets

We partnered with the Ontario SPCA to make people think about how much they love their pets when they park their car with their pets in them while they do errands.

Shopper Marketing • Work that works

You’ve probably seen our work. In stores, on shelves, on floors, and at the ends of aisles, featuring promotions, public events and a plethora of products. In fact, we’ve helped build many of our clients’ brand equity from the ground up.