Mattel, Virtual Toy Store



For time-starved, busy Canadian moms, visiting stores during the hectic holiday season was becoming more and more of a challenge. Mattel asked Brandfire to come up with an innovative way to bring the holidays hottest toys to busy Canadian moms, allowing them to experience and shop without the hassle of needing to get in-store.



As we dug into the life of a busy Canadian mom consumer, we discovered how mobile was becoming a more integrated part of their lives and that they were becoming ever more comfortable in purchasing products online from brands and retailers they knew and trusted. We also discovered that they were much more apt to interact with brands who helped them (versus selling them) during their purchase journey.


We developed the idea of a virtual toy store.  Placed in a high-traffic, high-visibility location and partnering with one of Canada’s major retail brands, we created a visually impactful consumer experience that allowed consumers via use of their mobile devices, to interact with digital monitors to search & discover the favourite toys of the upcoming holiday season and purchase them online during. Mattel’s Virtual Toy Store was placed in the Toronto Pearson International Airport, and with over 1.6 million travellers passing through with time on their hands, Mattel was able to bring Canada’s first Virtual Toy Store experience to life.