YMCA, Why the Y



As a brand that’s been around since 1851, the YMCA had been seeing the competition heat up in the fitness market as major national fitness centres took an aggressive approach to attracting new members. As a result, the YMCA was seeing an impact on their fitness membership numbers. They asked us to find a way to increase the Y’s relevance in local Canadian communities and drive its overall membership numbers.


As we dug into the Y’s business, and investigated what their competition was doing in their local markets, it became clear that one of the Y’s differentiators was in their members and the reasons why they had committed to a healthy lifestyle and specifically chosen the Y as the place they wanted to be. We interviewed a number of the Y’s members and we had our spark – the power of the individual stories, their goals and how the YMCA helped to enable them to overcome the barriers that each person had to deal with.




“That's my Y” became an omni-channel campaign that was the catalyst in the development of its members’ spirit, mind and body, and the connection they feel to each other and the global community. In the three months following the launch of the campaign billboards, radio, print and social media immersed the consumer in our targeted local communities. The YMCA saw increased awareness levels, website traffic and saw its membership numbers impacted almost immediately.